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Analytic Services
Penetration Reports
The penetration reports are a service provided to assist clients who are interested in a fast and effective new marketing strategy.  Penetration Scoring zeroes in on the common attributes of your customers, and TNT-DATA then helps you build a list of new prospects. The Penetration Report compares your company’s customer characteristics to the national average for different attributes.   Penetration Scoring can help you:
Learn what industries hold the most promise
Discover what types of consumers purchase your products & services
Differentiate between different sizes of businesses in the same industry
Streamline your marketing efforts by focusing on records showing analytic significance sorted by industry and employee size
  Business or Consumer Profile Reports
The profile reports are intended to provide the user with a 360-degree view of their customer database in a very economic fashion. Reports consist of an easy-to-interpret presentation including a summary of findings and geographic mapping of your current customers.  The Profile Reports can facilitate improved targeting of prospect lists; therefore, increasing response rates and sales. In addition, the results in this profile can aid assessment of how well the selected target performed.
  Executive Customer Profile Analysis
The Profile Analysis allows you to understand who your current customers are and match your media and marketing more efficiently to these customers, and develop list selection strategies to target the best prospects from the TNT-DATA proprietary database.  Results from the profile analysis may also be utilized to identify which demographic characteristics would be most valuable to append to an internal customer database in order to select cross-selling opportunities and enhance future marketing efforts.  The Executive Customer Profile Reports include a full summary of processing and results in addition to tables of the most significant characteristics showing customer or customer group comparisons to a benchmark file.
ZIP Models
Zip-level models can provide many desirable properties that can improve marketing decisions.  Demographic and other useful customer information is appended and analyzed at a ZIP level.  For marketers with retail locations, ZIP models can assist in site selection by identifying “pockets” of adjacent, high-scoring ZIP codes Cloning Models.
Cloning Models
Cloning models are designed to identify high potential prospects who ‘look like’ current customers.  A model is built using a representative sample of recently acquired, active customers comparing them to a representative sample of non-customers on the prospect file.  The results from this process allow the user to identify those prospects that look like existing customers, hence the term Cloning models.  By working with the most accurate data, you will be able to maximize sales productivity, reduce waste, and increase customer acquisition and revenue.

Risk Models
Risk models are a form of Cloning models that measure the profitability of a potential customer rather than just measuring the acquisition of a customer.  Risk models are utilized to calculate a profit or loss on each customer.  The result of this model is the measurement of prospects across a continuum of profit or loss as opposed to the choice of whether or not becoming a customer. 

Cross-Sell Models
Cross-sell models evaluate the results of a promotion targeting your current customers to those who have not yet become active customers.   These results provide you the ability to identify customers representing the best opportunities for additional sales and provide additional information regarding product sales success.  Because Cross-Sell models are applied to the current customer base, these models can incorporate both transactional type data and promotion history along with TNT-DATA demographic, lifestyle, and geographic data. 

Analytic Services
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