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This proprietary, copyrighted database contains information on approximately 13.7 million U.S. Businesses. TNT-DATA’s products and services are created from the information contained in its database. Because of the formation of new businesses, entities going out of business and changes to existing businesses, the database must be continually maintained to keep the information up-to-date and accurate. TNT-DATA has developed the most complete and accurate database of business information.
Business Type Key Contact Name New Businesses
SIC Codes Top Decision Maker Legal Status
Geography Job Functions Headquarters
Physical Addresses Job Titles Branches
Phone Numbers Number of Employees Large Businesses
Fax Numbers Sales Volume Publicly Traded by Market (NYSE/ Nasdaq)  
Web Site Addresses Years in Business Manufacturers
  Information in the database is compiled in two phases
  Phase I
TNT-DATA compiles 4,000+ telephone directories and over 350 new business sources such as Secretaries of State, county courthouses and public record notices. Through these sources and additional processing, TNT-DATA can typically gather base level information.
  Phase II
TNT-DATA calls each business to verify the information and to obtain additional information.   The TNT-DATA business database has been developed as an information database. TNT-DATA data typically powers marketing endeavors; the database is not a derivative of another product or application. As a result, the coverage of the TNT-DATA database is intended to represent all active business sites.
Quick Facts
13.7 million U.S. Businesses  
Compiles 4,000+ telephone directories  
Most accurate and up-to-date in the industry  
100% telephone verified  23.5 million telephone calls placed in 2006 
File is updated on the 3rd Friday of each month  
Quality is assured throughout compilation, verification, and update processes   
92% of records receive a Zip+4 zip code
Yellow Page Directories  
Secretary of State Filings  
Annual Reports  
Business Journals & Periodicals  
Internet Research  
National Change of Address Processing  
Sequence File Processing  
Area Code Changes  
Millions of Phone Calls
Analytic Services
Email Marketing
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